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As part of its strategic plan, the Department of Adult Correction is pursuing American Correctional Association accreditation for all parts of the agency.

ACA accreditation is the gold standard in the corrections profession. The ACA standards are the national benchmark for the effective operation of correctional systems throughout the United States. The performance-based standards evaluate fundamental correctional practices that ensure staff and offender safety and security; enhance staff morale; improve record maintenance and data management capabilities; and improve the function of the facility.

As part of the accreditation process, ACA auditors conduct visual inspections, review policies and procedures and probe the work being done to ensure best practices are met.

The following Department of Adult Correction locations have earned full ACA accreditation.

  • Caldwell Correctional Center
  • Carteret Correctional Center
  • Catawba Correctional Center
  • Craggy Correctional Center
  • Craven Correctional Institution
  • Columbus Correctional Institution
  • Dan River Prison Work Farm
  • Department of Adult Correction - Central Offices
  • Division of Community Supervision
  • Forsyth Correctional Center
  • Hyde Correctional Institution
  • Lincoln Correctional Center
  • Lumberton Correctional Institution
  • Nash Correctional Institution
  • Orange Correctional Center
  • Rutherford Correctional Center
  • Sampson Correctional Institution
  • Sanford Correctional Center
  • Tyrrell Prison Work Farm
  • Western Correctional Center for Women
  • Wilkes Correctional Center

The following Correction Enterprises Facilities have earned full ACA accreditation.

  • Correction Enterprises Central Office
  • Sign Reclaiming Plant - Moore County
  • Janitorial Products Plant - Warren County

The following facilities have successfully completed ACA audits with outstanding scores and are expected to receive accreditation upon upcoming votes of the ACA accreditation board. 

  • Albemarle Correctional Institution
  • Davidson Correctional Center
  • Franklin Correctional Center
  • Gaston Correctional Center
  • Greene Correctional Institution