Career Progression Program

Career Progression

Career Progression Program is a no-cost, self-paced training program for probation/parole officers, correctional officers, correctional food service officers and case managers. 

This structured training program will enhance your leadership skills and abilities, and help you prepare for career advancement.

What can it do for me?  Build new skills, earn one-time bonus, develop your career in corrections

How to I learn more? Go to FIORI and log in using your NCID – just as you would to check benefits and your pay stub. Click on LMS & NCVIP at the top of the webpage. Then click on the LMS & NCVIP white box and Submit on the next screen. Once in the NC Learning Center (Learning Management System), hover over DAC Career Progression in the main menu and click Career Progression Program, which will take you to the Career Progression main page. 

How do I apply? When you complete the registration and your eligibility is confirmed you will be able to start


  • Provide opportunities for certified staff to develop additional knowledge and skill
  • Certified staff self-initiate to take part in one of four current career tracks.
  • Staff are exposed to core leadership skills that can be useful in current duties but may also build interest in future career options.
  • Staff will see new opportunities to build new skills and knowledge that enhance their current role
Career Progression - The path to your future starts here


Currently, there are four tracks:

  1. Correctional Officers
  2. Food Service Officers
  3. Case Managers
  4. Probation and Parole Officers

After completing the required months in service at the basic level, staff can work toward the next level.

Correctional Officer

Food Service Officer

Case Manager


12 months

12 months

12 months

24 months

First Class; Senior; Master

First Class; Senior

First Class; Senior

Advanced; Senior

Earn patch

Earn patch

Earn patch

Earn patch

  • During the first year of the program, only the first level will be introduced. The following year, staff may begin working on the next level. 
  • Completion of each level within their progression provides a one-time pay adjustment.    
Career progression for probation officers


Staff who start a track use the LMS system to document their efforts to work toward the new level using a self-assessment checklist. 

To be eligible, staff need:

  • Complete a Registration Form & Letter of Acknowledgement covering requirements and eligibility.
  • Maintains a "Meets" or "Exceeds" VIP rating when they register and while in the program.
  • Have no current disciplinary actions, no written warnings, no pending investigations, or time management issues.
  • Maintain criminal justice certification during the program.

To complete the program:

  • Complete online or classroom courses in the specific career track.
  • Complete a self assessment checklist that documents completion of the course work, stating your ability to perform these new skills and tasks.
  • Complete a regional review process to share lessons learned and provide feedback.


  • Staff self-monitor their progress in their track. Each individual can progress at their own pace. 
  • Online classes are done onsite or at home.
  • Once the participant believes he/she has completed the requirements for that level, a copy of their career progression checklist, copy of LMS transcript and registration form are sent to the Administrative Office. The packet is sent to the Regional/District Office.


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