Anthony Faison

Sampson Correctional Partnership Uses Life Lessons to Reach Offenders

When Anthony Faison was released from prison, he wanted to make a positive impact on the world.  He went back to school, earned his teaching 
credentials and took a position with Sampson Community College. 

Faison now  works as an instructor at Sampson Correctional Institution through a partnership with the college. Student offenders earn educational credits from SCC, including Faison’s  Human Resource Development class.

Faison doesn’t hide the fact that he was an offender.  Through his personal story and his classes, he  shows students they can learn something new at  any point in life, despite past mistakes. His life  skills curriculum is not just taught through books  but through practical, hands-on experience. 

Warden Robert VanGorder said that with the  right opportunity, the right mindset and the right  resources, anyone can make a positive change. 

“We are all guilty of mistakes in our lives,”  VanGorder said. “Mr. Faison is no different from any of us. He made mistakes, paid the consequences, then stepped up and took control of  his destiny, making a positive impact on his future and the people he would meet along the way.” 

Faison also gives back to the community through his program, Always Ready 2 Fight Reentry Resources, a program that helps offenders identify  and cultivate opportunities for employment, education, housing, health and wellness, as well as transportation.

As part of this initiative, which supports rehabilitation and reentry, program facilitators look for ways to help formerly incarcerated individuals transition back into society and become productive members of their communities. Faison is a shining example of that mission. 

“You can’t put a price on this,” Faison said. “My joy is knowing that I made an impact on something that others didn’t believe would succeed. This helps me to succeed every day. It’s what gets me up every day. Being able to make a difference that impact generations and helps others from going down that path.”.

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