An offender picks up a highway sign to put in a recycling machine

Keeping NC Green at the Moore Recycling Center

Author: Ashley Thornton

Each year the Moore Recycling Center, an NCDAC Correction Enterprises operation in Carthage, recycles more than 300,000 pounds of aluminum waste. Much of the aluminum waste is collected from North Carolina’s roadways, but it also includes old or damaged NC road signs, which are either cleaned and reused, or recycled into other materials. In addition to road signs, the center also shreds and recycles more than 250,000 pounds of outdated license plate tags, every year. 

See the operation in action in our YouTube video. 

an offender loads cardboard into a baler
An offender loads a cardboard baler at the Moore Recycling Center.

The facility doesn’t just recycle aluminum. Cardboard, plastic bottles, cans, and wooden pallets are among the other materials recycled at the facility. Working with offender crews, Correction Enterprises staff supervise an extensive litter pickup operation, which during 2023 collected more than 285,000 pounds of trash from NC roads, much of which was recycled and kept from landfills. This year they are just as busy. For example, last week alone, offender crews collected 4,400 pounds of litter along 119 miles of NC highway, 972 pounds of which was recycled.

Plans to expand the operations are in the works, as the Moore Recycling Center keeps looking for new ways to help keep NC green while providing skilled vocational training for offenders.

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Offender crews pick up litter along NC roadways.
plastic sorted for recycling
Collected, sorted plastic is loaded and ready for recycling.

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