Legislative Affairs

The Department of Adult Correction Legislative Affairs office serves as the liaison between the Department, the Governor’s Office, and the North Carolina General Assembly. Legislative Affairs is responsible for reviewing proposed legislation, recommending new legislative actions, and ensuring that critical needs of the agency are coordinated with the appropriate stakeholders. Additionally, the office is responsible for the dissemination of legislative reports and assisting with the completion of information and data requests from the Legislature.


The Legislative Affairs office is led by Justin Davis. Davis serves as legislative affairs director and is responsible for planning, designing, and coordinating all legislative affairs. This includes spearheading the formation of legislative policy and working with stakeholders to promote legislation throughout the legislative process.


Corey Curry Slife serves as the legislative liaison. She previously worked as a compliance analyst with the State Ethics Commission and as an evaluator at the North Carolina General Assembly. Curry holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Clemson University and a Master of Public Administration degree from North Carolina State University. 

Legislative Reports