Hope University

Hope University

Hope University has launched throughout the North Carolina prison system, offering offenders thousands of academic, vocational and self-improvement courses offenders can take at their own pace on electronic tablets.

an offender uses a tablet to take classes

Hope University is part of an overall strategy of building a robust rehabilitation and reentry system to better prepare and reintegrate offenders into the community on the completion of their sentences.

Offenders are offered a robust catalog of courses to prepare for basic education, financial literacy, life skills, training in a variety of fields such as culinary arts and business entrepreneurship, and classes which prepare them to obtain work certifications when they are released. The platform supports more than 170 fields! These are skills and education that provide tangible, life-long benefits – including a path to jobs and careers.

The initiative is intended to give offenders the tools they need to be productive citizens, the skills necessary to succeed and hope for their futures. Numerous studies show education and employment reduces recidivism.

Hope University is not an accredited academic institution. Rather, it is an extensive package of digital educational material that is offered on electronic tablets that are distributed throughout the state’s prisons.  Offenders may take advantage of these educational opportunities through Via Path’s platform on digital tablets now distributed throughout the prison system and can connect to this internet-based instructional material in a manner that is secured and controlled.