We are asking for the public’s help in locating these absconders - individuals who are actively avoiding probation or parole supervision

If you have information on the whereabouts of any of these individuals CALL 1-888-646-0024. 

Absconders FAQs

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Approximately 80,000 people are serving sentences of community “supervision” in North Carolina. This could be because of a probation sentence imposed by a court, or a term of “parole” or “post-release supervision” that was imposed when the person left prison. 

Most people under supervision follow the rules, which usually include meeting regularly with their probation/parole officer (PPO). Those who do not maintain contact with their PPO and actively avoid supervision by making their whereabouts unknown are called “absconders.”

Absconding from supervision is not a new issue and it does not only happen in North Carolina. Absconders jeopardize the public safety that PPOs work hard to maintain and they jeopardize their own future. When absconders are found, they may face a variety of consequences ranging from extension or revocation of their probation to a possible return to prison for those serving parole or post-release supervision requirements.   

Our NCDAC PPOs and Absconder Capture Enforcement (ACE) teams work every day to locate absconders. We use a broad range of efforts, investigative teams, and technology, and we regularly partner with other law enforcement agencies – including those in other states. We also need and appreciate the help of the public. 

If you have information about an individual who is avoiding supervision, please call 1-888-646-0024.

You can search the full list of NC absconders here. Some things to note:

  • Some are incarcerated in other states and cannot be returned to North Carolina immediately to face justice. In some cases, those offenders will never leave prison. In other cases, they might be returned to North Carolina following the completion of their out-of-state sentence.
  • When offenders flee to other states, prosecutors must decide if the costs of their return and prosecution are warranted.
  • Some offenders may have fled the country, making it difficult and costly to locate and return them.
  • Some absconders may have died, and it can take several days or weeks for their name to be removed from the list.