Volunteer Requirements and Guidelines

Requirements for Volunteers

All volunteers offering their services to the Division of Adult Correction must submit a Volunteer Application which includes personal references if they plan to perform a continual volunteer activity. There are several reasons for this application process including:

  • The qualifications of the volunteer must be matched to the needs expressed in the volunteer job description.
  • The goals volunteers have for performing their services must be compatible with the goals of the prison system.

Guidelines for Volunteers

Get acquainted with the personnel with whom you will be working and familiarize yourself with the facility.

Formulate some personal goals you wish to reach. Keep in mind the time frame within which you must work. Be careful not to plan a job so big for yourself that your goals become unreachable. This creates frustration. Short range goals are much easier to keep in sight. Keep track of progress toward your goals. This is the key to reaching them.

As a volunteer, you are assuming certain responsibilities that demand loyalty both to the prison staff and the inmate. You must be willing to be trained and supervised by staff. Do not criticize what you do not understand, but ask for an explanation.

Your dependability as a volunteer is essential if you are to be of real service to the prison system. You need to be time-responsible, arriving and leaving on time unless there is a good reason to do otherwise. If you cannot be at the assigned location at the appointed time, please notify the staff. Meet the commitment you make to the prison and to an inmate.

It is important to be truly interested in your volunteer work and the people with whom you are working. Without job satisfaction a volunteer will not be capable of performing satisfactorily. Job satisfaction should be as important to you as it is to staff.

You will be supervised by a staff member. If you have any questions about what constitutes contraband or what should be considered confidential, ask a staff person.

If you are not performing a service that you feel is needed, contact the volunteer coordinator for a new assignment. Your time and talent(s) are too valuable to be wasted.

You are an important source of community support. Many people have misconceptions as to the prison system and inmate needs. You are an important citizen advocate in the community. You will be more effective as a listener and learner than a critic of the correctional system.

Be well-focused upon your particular duties and concentrate on how you can best fulfill them. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Be aware of your surroundings. You may be able to offer new perspectives and fresh new ideas.


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