Central Engineering Services

The Central Engineering Section is made up of three units, Design and Technical Services, Construction and Major Maintenance Services, and Business and Financial Operations.

Design and Technical Services

The Design and Technical Services section serves as the Department of Adult Correction's capital program manager and offers a variety of services to support overall physical plant management:

  • Provides comprehensive project planning and cost estimating.
  • Provides architectural master planning and space determinations to accommodate operational needs, through renovations and new construction (Architectural Programming)
  • Provides the architectural and engineering design of buildings and building systems.
  • Designs, installs and troubleshoots security systems, including door controls, cameras and perimeter intrusion detection systems.
  • Designs life safety systems, including fire alarm, sprinkler and chemical fire suppression systems.
  • Provides project management services, including contracting for designer and construction services, preparing construction plans and specifications, acquiring permits and coordinating plan reviews by regulatory agencies, construction administration and quality assurance inspections, as well as the commissioning and coordination of systems training services for new construction and renovations.
  • Interprets building codes.
  • Evaluates structural integrity of existing buildings and structures.
  • Administers environmental operating permits, including potable water, wastewater, pre-treatment, and air quality permits.
  • Provides energy management audits, including designing and installing utility consumption monitoring and management systems. Negotiates and reviews utility service agreements.
  • Evaluates roofing systems, consults on leak repair options and designs roof replacements.
  • Evaluates for handicapped accessibility and provides construction documents, construction oversight and construction for the necessary improvements.
  • Develops preventive maintenance protocols and service contract specifications for specialty systems such as elevators, chemical water treatment for boilers, generator maintenance, etc.
  • Manages master archives for all building plans and real estate records.
  • Coordinates real property transactions, including acquisitions, dispositions, easements, demolitions and asbestos permitting.
  • Prepares the Department's capital and repair/renovation requests. 

Construction and Major Maintenance Services
(Construction Apprenticeship Program)

A full range of construction services are available through the Construction and Major Maintenance section including general, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, sprinkler and fire alarm construction. These comprehensive construction trade capabilities allow for turnkey delivery of major building projects. The section manages the Construction Apprenticeship Program (CAP).

  • Trains offenders and operates an apprenticeship program established through the Department of Labor to support the rehabilitation of offenders.
  • Provides utility infrastructure and site development construction, including storm drainage, gravity and force main sewers, water supply, and fire protection distribution mains, electrical duct banks, perimeter and area lighting, and gas distribution.
  • Installs security fences, including chain link, razor ribbon, non-climbable curved fencing, taut wire and other electric intrusion detection systems.
  • Fabricates HVAC duct, fence gates, and miscellaneous steel components.
  • Provides emergency repair response for all major building and utility systems.
  • Maintains an inventory of unassigned construction materials that may be used by DAC maintenance.

Business and Financial Operations

  • Provides project accounting, material procurement, accounts receivable and accounts payable services for all departmental design and construction job orders.
  • Files fire and lightning claims to the Department of Insurance on behalf of all DAC sections.
  • Coordinates the Department's claims to the Federal Emergency Management Agency when federal disasters affect DAC.
  • Provides personnel services, computer assistance and other administrative functions for the section.