Career Progression FAQs


Who can participate?   
All correctional officers, food service officers, probation and parole officers and case managers with the minimum months of service for their career track, maintain a least an overall “meets VIP,” no documented counseling, no active disciplinary actions or time management issues, and are not under investigation in the last 12 months.

How long will it take to complete the First Class level?   
This program is self-paced. Work on the course requirements was designed to be taken over the initial length of the program or 12 months. Many courses are offered online so that you may take them when it is most convenient to you.

Do I need to get permission to participate in the Career Progression Program?   
No. If you meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the orientation, you can start at any time. You self-initiate this program through the LMS.

How do I start the program?   
When you enter the LMS, look for the Career Progression tab at the top of the page and complete the orientation. If you believe this program is for you, complete the registration form and the letter of acknowledgement and verify the statement at the bottom.

What do I get when I complete the program?   
When you complete the Career Progression program, you will receive a certificate of completion, a transcript of the courses you completed, a letter of recognition, a uniform patch noting achievement of the First Class level, and a one-time pay adjustment.

How much of an in-range adjustment will I earn?   
Each track has a defined amount based on the classification level and eligibility standards.
•    COs and food service officers receive $1250.
•    Case managers receive $1350.
•    Probation and parole officers receive $1500.

When can I start the Senior and Master levels?    
During the first year of the program, only the First Class level will be offered. You will need an additional 12 months of service to start work on the Senior Level. Currently only the COs have a defined Master Level after an additional 24-months of continuous service. In future years, you will still only be able to complete one level during a 12-month period.

Does this program guarantee that I can get a promotion?   
No, you would still have to apply for any promotional opportunities. It is hoped that the added training you have completed will make you a better promotional applicant.

If I have an active disciplinary, a documented counseling or time management issues, can I participate in the program?    
No, not until you have either completed 18 months with no more ER issues or the active disciplinary action was removed.

How long do I have to complete First Class?    
Once you have registered for the program, you have 12 months to complete the program, but you may also extend this time if you need to have an additional six months by emailing the Career Progression Mailbox.

Will I be given a fair review by the Regional Committee? How will the Committee work?     
The purpose of the Regional Review Committee is to ensure that each staff person has a fair and equal opportunity to participate in this program. The Committee will ask you to describe how the program provided you with additional skills, how you are able to apply these to your job, and any suggestions you have to improve the program.

How quickly will I get my pay increase? Will I see a noticeable pay change in my first monthly paycheck?    
The one-time pay adjustment will be processed in your next pay period (depending on the payroll schedule). 

Why is this worth my time? What’s really in this for me?     
This program is intended to build new skills and knowledge that you can use in your current job and will allow you to demonstrate more advanced skills outlined at the First Class level. Your own initiative to develop new skills/knowledge can demonstrate to others within the organization your ability to take on new roles in the future.

What kind of courses will be offered to me in my career track? How are classes different from other tracks?    
These courses are outlined in the orientation in the LMS. The courses are unique to those in the Career Progression. You may find similar titles elsewhere, but the contents have been matched up with what is required on your track checklist.

What if I don’t have an overall VIP “meets expectation” when I am completing the program?    
Initial eligibility is based on continuously meeting at least “Meets Expectations” during the program.

I have other questions, who can answer them?    
Each prison and region have an advertised name who is serving as a point of contact for the Career Progression Program. If you still have a question, you can also use the Department’s Career Progression Program email listed in the LMS.