Career Progression FAQs

Probation Parole Officer Track

When am I eligible to participate in the program?    
For the Advanced PPO level, you must:
•    Have at least 24 months of continuous service as a case-carrying, certified probation/parole officer.
•    Have received a “meets” or “exceeds” expectation on your overall VIP performance rating for the past year and maintain that performance level during the progression program.
•    Not have any active disciplinary action (including actively monitored Documented Counseling Session) 
•    Not be under investigation initially or during the progression program.
•    Maintain Criminal Justice Certification including annual in-service training during the progression program.

For the Senior level: (Program in development stages)
•    Meet the criteria listed for the Advanced level.
•    Have successfully completed the Advanced level.
•    Have a minimum of 36 months of continuous service as a case-carrying, certified probation/parole officer.

Does my CPPO need to approve my participation?
Your CPPO does not need to approve your participation; however, they will verify your eligibility to participate. Your CPPO will receive notification of your interest in participation when you complete the Registration Smartsheet.

Do I have to participate?
No. This is a voluntary self-initiated, self-paced program.

If I am under investigation, can I participate in the program?
You can’t participate while you are under investigation. If you have already begun the program, your participation will be paused until the matter is resolved.

If I have an active disciplinary action, can I participate in the program?
While your disciplinary action is active, you are not permitted to participate in the program. When the disciplinary action expires, you may continue the program.  

On my last annual performance evaluation, I received a “does not meet expectations”. Can I participate in the program?
When your annual performance overall evaluation rating is “Meets” or “Exceeds Expectations,” you may then participate in the program.

Why is this worth my time?  What’s really in this for me? 
This program will:
•    Provide you opportunities to develop additional knowledge and skills.
•    Enhance your case management and leadership skills.
•    Build your interest in career development.
•    Prepare you to apply for leadership positions.
•    Earn you recognition and a one-time payment upon completion.

Why are there two levels? Can I do both at once? 
There are two levels: Advanced, for PPOs with a minimum of 24 months continuous service as a case-carrying PPO, and Senior, for PPOs with more than 36 months continuous service as a case-carrying NC PPO.  At this time, the Senior level program is in the development stages.

I have been a PPO for longer than 3 years, can I start with the Senior level?
You must complete the Advanced level prior to enrolling in the Senior level regardless of your longevity. Participants may only attempt one level at a time over a 12-month period, regardless of years of service.

How do I start the program?
1. Submit the Registration form after completing the orientation in the LMS career progression page. 
2. Your CPPO will verify your eligibility.
3. If you are eligible, the LMS Administrator will assign you the first section of the program curriculum at the conclusion of the registration window.

How long does it take to go through the program?
The program is designed to be completed in no less than 12 months from registration until completion, recognition, and receiving the one-time retention bonus payment.  The training will be distributed in three cohorts, each spaced two months apart.
How can I learn more about the program?
There is an orientation course in the LMS that will provide you with detailed information.  Also you should check the Career Progression LMS page for additional documents to help you understand program timelines and standard operating procedures.

Can I take classes during work time?
You will take your training classes during work time. Participation in this program must not interfere with your regular work responsibilities and should not result in overtime. It is expected that you will be able to complete your job duties and the training within your regularly scheduled 40-hour work week.

Can I use my phone to complete the training?
Much of the required curriculum content can be accessed from any web browser. However, it is recommended to use a computer.

How long does it take to complete the program?
The program is self-paced. The Advanced PPO level includes 30 hours of coursework in LMS, released over six months.  The program is designed to be completed in no less than 12 months.

Am I qualified to participate if I have a break in my employment history?
Generally, if upon return to a Probation/Parole Officer position you were required to repeat PPO basic training, to be eligible for Career Progression, you must wait until you have completed 24 months of service time from the date of your latest certification (basic graduation date).

After completing the program courses in LMS, what are the next steps?
After your course completion and continued eligibility are verified, you and other PPO participants will be invited to a group discussion facilitated by a judicial district manager.  The purpose of this open discussion is to allow participants to share their successes or challenges in the program.  The meeting will also help you prepare for your individual Review Committee interview.  The Review Committee will meet with you in person or virtually to confirm your completion of the progression program requirements and gather feedback about the program.

What is the Review Committee?
The committee is made of leaders in within your judicial division.  During your interview, the Committee will ask you to describe how the program provided you with additional skills, how you are able to apply these to your job and offer you a chance to provide any suggestions to improve the program.

What happens if during my participation I decide to transfer to another position? What if I leave the agency?
The program is for active Probation/Parole Officers.  In these circumstances, you would no longer be eligible to continue in the program.

When will I receive compensation after completion of the program? How much money will I receive?
Once you have successfully completed the program and signed the on-time retention bonus agreement form, the 90-day payment processing window will begin.  After processing, you will receive a $1500 as a one-time payment. This payment is dependent on the availability of funds, and your acceptance of the terms in the CP Retention Bonus Agreement.  Also, the payment is subject to taxes and retirement contribution.

Will I get a raise?  Will my annual salary increase?
Because PPOs are on a legislatively mandated step-pay plan, your annual salary will not increase with this program.

What happens when I have competed the program?
You will receive recognition from the Deputy Secretary of Community Supervision, a one-time payment, a badge to wear on your uniform, and a framed certificate of completion. You will be publicly recognized for your hard work.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the program?
Email the Career Progression Program Manager: