Report Fraud, Waste or Financial Mismanagement of Department Assets

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The  NC Department of Adult Correction Fraud Hotline, managed by NCDAC Internal Audit, is designed as a way for department employees to report suspected fraud, waste or misuse of departmental assets. Concerns may be reported anonymously, or individuals may choose to include their contact information.

Investigations are generally conducted confidentially to protect the integrity of the investigative process and to preserve the privacy of the persons and entities involved. Status reports are not provided for any investigations.

Please remember to provide as much detail as possible pertaining to the alleged incident(s). Specific information such as names, positions, location of incident, dates, time(s), length of time that the problem has been occurring, and any documentation or evidence should be provided to aid staff in conducting a thorough investigation.  

Examples of matters that should be reported on this Hotline:

  • Suspected theft or misuse of NCDAC property;
  • Falsification of official documents (timesheets, inventory, etc.);
  • Misuse of funds or procurement cards;
  • Improper billing or overcharging for goods or services; or
  • Financial conflicts of interest.

Examples of matters that should NOT be reported on this Hotline:

  • Human resources or personnel Issues;
  • EEO complaints (i.e. discrimination, harassment, retaliation);
  • Adult Correction staff conduct (i.e. Prisons, Community Supervision, etc.);
  • Offender grievance or inquiry; or
  • Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) complaints.

The following is a list of contact information to assist citizens with questions and proper filing of complaints outside the scope and intent of this hotline. 

  • Prisons: 919-838-4000  
  • PREA administration office: 919-825-2754 or

Fraud, Waste, or Financial Mismanagement hotline - 1-844-208-4018

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