Black Mountain Substance Abuse Treatment Center for Women

Black Mountain is a 64-bed residential treatment facility that provides substance use disorder treatment services to probationers sent by the courts and parolees released from the state prison system and transitioning back into the community. Located in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina, the serene setting provides a comforting beginning for the recovering journey.

Embracing evidence-based practice design, the clinical team provides a multi-disciplinary approach, focusing on group and individual therapy, in addition to substance use disorder education. The facility offers a 90-day program that:

  • Encourages healthy social living skills.
  • Integrates cognitive-behavior interventions as a core curriculum.
  • Provides motivational enhancement therapy.
  • Uses selected material from Stephanie Covington's work addressing women's recovery/trauma.
  • Introduces the program participant to a variety of self-help recovery groups.
  • Dedicated to a holistic treatment approach, the program addresses individual needs in six major life areas: (a) alcohol and drug use, (b) medical/physical health, (c) education and vocational, (d) family/social, (e) legal status and (f) psychological and mental health diagnosis. Facility counselors are trained in substance use disorder principles and are licensed, certified, or registered with appropriate state counseling practice boards.

The Black Mountain program embraces the concept that alcohol dependence and drug dependence are:

  • Primary diseases that become progressively worse over time.
  • Chronic.
  • Incurable.
  • Ultimately fatal when left untreated.

It is the program's core belief that through consistent clinical intervention and a personal commitment to abstinence, recovering individuals may live a normal, functional and happy life.

The facility staff are skilled at creating a supportive atmosphere for the women to begin facing the challenges of recovery. With a caring staff and a program designed to promote change the road to recovery begins at Black Mountain.

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Black Mountain Substance Abuse Treatment Center for Women
741 Old US Highway 70
Swannanoa, N.C. 28778
Phone: 828-581-4231