Education Services - Contacts

Education Services Contacts

NCDAC Education Services provides a wide range of services to offenders in every state-run facility. Services vary from basic education, high school equivalency, life skills, career and vocational to degree programs. 


Dr. Brooke Wheeler
Superintendent of Education Services


Emma Brooks, Librarian Consultant
Library books, Supplies, Equipment, Library Budgets, Newspapers

Education Extension Specialist
Postsecondary and Vocational Education with Community Colleges through Prisons, Education Programming (PEP), PEP Budget, Career Readiness Certifications (WIN), Peer Support, LEED Entrepreneurship Certifications, Barber Programs & Licensures

Travis Cooper, Technology Facilitator

Sherri Hill, Academic Education Extension Specialist
Adult Basic and High School Equivalency Education with Community Colleges through Prisons, HiSet Curriculum, and Implementation

Polycarp Omollo, Federal Programs Coordinator
Specialist Education, Title I, Homebased Instruction

Vacant, Federal Programs Compliance Specialist
IEPs, Special Education Compliance

Sharon VanHoy, Federal Programs Compliance Specialist
UNC Outreach Program, Licensure, Professional Development, Assist with Federal Programs - Title I and ESP, NCEES

Dr. Shanon White, Curriculum and Student Data Coordinator
Serves all school and facility stakeholders to ensure our education programs are as successful as possible