More than 15,000 individuals return to their home communities after being released from North Carolina state prisons each year. In fact, about 95 percent of people in prison will eventually return to their home communities. 

NCDAC Rehabilitation and Reentry Division  oversees a comprehensive array of reentry programs and rehabilitation services to support people in prison or under community supervision. The division's mission is to promote the use of evidence-based practices, reduce recidivism, and to cultivate collaborative reentry partnerships statewide.

For people in prison, rehabilitative services and reentry planning begins at admission. Information obtained during the diagnostic process identifies needs and informs housing and program assignments. Offenders have access to medical care, education, substance use disorder treatment, and other programs and services. The division's staff oversees educational and vocational program assignments that increase self-sufficiency and employability, such as work release and apprenticeships. 


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