Offender Workforce Development Resources

Federal Bonding 

The Federal Bonding Program serves as a tool to secure the job placement of ex-offenders and other high-risk applicants. The program issues Fidelity bonds to indemnify employers for loss of money or property sustained through the dishonest acts of their employees. The bonding helps alleviate concerns that at-risk job applicants would be untrustworthy workers.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit 
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit that encourages employers to hire nine targeted groups of job seekers, including ex-felons who are members of low income families, by reducing employers' federal income tax liability. The North Carolina Employment Security Commission administers WOTC locally.

Employment Security Commission - The Employment Security Commission's web pages provide you with the opportunity to look for a job, seek new employees to fill job openings, and access information on labor market conditions. Individuals can also file for Unemployment Insurance and obtain other ESC services online.

National Institute of Corrections - Employment Information Handbook for Ex-Offenders 2012.

National Institute of Corrections - Offender Workforce Development - NIC's Offender Workforce Development Division (formerly the Office of Correctional Job Training and Placement, or OCJTP) was created to coordinate the efforts of Federal agencies and others nationwide to improve employment programs for offenders and ex-offenders. The division assists professionals who provide direct services to offenders and ex-offenders.

Veterans Affairs - Vocational Rehabilitation - Ex-offenders who are veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces may be eligible for federal VA benefits or vocational rehabilitation assistance from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

North Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation - N.C. Vocational Rehabilitation provides counseling, training, education, medical, transportation, and other support services to persons with physical or mental disabilities in order to help them become independent or job-ready.

N.C. Careers -- U.S. Department of Labor - This web site is for career explorers and job seekers. It allows individuals to assess themselves, connect their own characteristics with prospective careers, receive comprehensive information about occupations, and learn about training programs.

Center for Community Corrections – Includes several downloadable publications: Increasing Offender Employment in the Community, Find out Basic Information About Community Corrections, Learn About Building Community, Private and Agency Partnerships, Look Beneath the Surface at the Real Needs of Special Populations, Develop Leadership in Your Community By Advocating Changes in the Right Places. 

National HIRE Network - Helping Individuals with criminal records Reenter through Employment. This website provides information about assisting offenders with employment issues. It also provides useful links for each state. The H.I.R.E network newsletter is informative and provides information about current issues and upcoming training.