Between 6-10% of offenders are veterans. Many already have some training through the armed forces. Most also qualify for Veterans benefits.

American Council on Education
The military programs area of this website has links to all the armed services sites to get military transcripts.

Army Transcripts 
This site is for Army Transcripts. You can get an AARTS web transcript or order one using the DA Form 5454-R (which you can download at this site and then fax it to them, it takes about 2 weeks this way.). The transcript will give you the Army training course, the description of the course and the most valuable part the American Council on Education's (ACE) college credit evaluation. The ACE guide gives college credit equivalencies to most Army courses. These credits are normally accepted at two and four year colleges if it is in their major. Sometimes the college might not take the credits if they are over 10 years old. You can also use the credits to list the amount of semester hours of college the veteran has. This site is only for individuals who served in the Army. They will need to know their social security number, birth date and the month and year of basic active service date (BASD) or the date that creditable service for pay purposes started (PEBD). Most should know this, if they don't you should be able to get it off their discharge papers DD-214.

This site provides military transition assistance. This site does have job listings, but the Mil Skills Translator is very useful. This allows you to enter the veterans Military Occupation Code and get a description of the career field and a civilian equivalent. This is useful for putting military experience into civilian terms. It is also useful for getting an idea of what careers a veteran might be eligible for without much retraining. They will need to know their occupation code and if they were in a long time ago, their code might have changed. If so, go to and click on Search the Guide, there you can search by keyword on look through the Enlisted and Officer Occupations by category at the bottom of the page.

Community College of the Air Force Transcript 
The Community College of the Air Force awards Associate Degrees to individuals completing the requirements for their Air Force Specialty. To get a transcript, follow the directions given here.

Navy and Marine Transcripts - You can download or order a transcript that will give American Council on Education credit evaluations for military courses. This is available for:

  1. Active duty and Reserve Sailors/Marines
  2. Navy veterans who separated/retired after 1975.
  3. Marines who separated/retired on/after Oct. 1, 1999.

Coast Guard Transcripts 
You can order a Coast Guard transcript from this site.

Veterans Administration 
The Veterans Administration's web page. They have information on programs a veterans can qualify for including education and health benefits.

NC Veteran Service Officers
Gives a list of all Veteran Service Officers (VSOs) by county. VSOs can assist the veteran in getting their DD214 (discharge paper) and in filling out paper work to get veteran benefits.

VETS Resource
Has links to all kinds of veteran related websites.