Program Services

Chaplaincy Services
Prison chaplains supervise religious activities, facilitate the work of religious services volunteers, and address religious issues of all faiths.

Work Programs
Offenders work in a wide variety of jobs inside and outside prison facilities.

Educational Programs
Offenders may receive educational training through Academic/Vocational Education, Study Release, Think Smart or Domestic Violence Education programs.

Transitional Services
Includes information on Community Leave, the Community Volunteer Program, the Home Leave Program, the Mutual Agreement Parole Program (MAPP), the Transitional Aftercare Network and Work Release.

Prison Life Programs
Includes prison orientation, counseling and treatment, religious programs, the Napoleon Hill Project, Sex Offender Accountability and Responsibility (SOAR), Domestic Violence Education Program (DVEP), STOP and Change Direction Domestic Violence Education and Treatment Program, parenting programs

Offender Family Services
When a family member or friend has been sentenced to prison or supervision, this often presents a very difficult and confusing time for all who are involved. Offender Family Services can help families understand and navigate the system.