Green Fleet Initiatives

As part of its Green Fleet initiative, NCDAC is replacing gasoline-powered perimeter patrol vehicles at prison facilities with zero emission vehicles (EVs) and transitioning dozens of diesel-burning buses and fleet vehicles to cleaner, low-emission vehicles.  

EV charging
An EV perimeter security vehicle charging at NCCIW

Zero Emission Vehicles

As NCDAC grows its fleet of green vehicles, the agency is working to convert all gasoline-powered perimeter patrol vehicles to electric by 2026. The first of 19 BEAM completely portable, solar-powered charging stations are being deployed to support the growing need to charge its green fleet, have been rolled out to Nash, Granville, and Warren correctional facilities. Permanent EV charging infrastructure is already in place at some prison facilities, including the NC Correctional Institution for Women and Columbus Correctional Institution. 

The conversion is part of the agency's larger effort to comply with Governor Cooper's Executive Order 246, which mandates a transition to EVs for the full fleet of NC government vehicles. 

Cleaner-burning Buses and Fleet Maintenance Vehicles

Thirty-two new clean diesel inmate transfer buses have been purchased using Volkswagen Settlement Funds. These will replace 32 aging, high-pollution emitting buses. NCDAC is working to deploy fully electric Chevy Volts to institutions replacing gas vehicles to serve as the primary perimeter roving patrol vehicles and deploying hybrid Ford Mavericks for use as backup vehicles. NCDAC has also purchased 10 fully electric Ford Lighting pickups to incorporate into our maintenance and construction vehicle fleet in areas that have access to charging stations. 


For more information, contact Paul Braese, PE, PEM, LEED AP, Sustainability, Efficiency and Resilience Program Manager,

Bus with new decal on side