Sustainable Lighting & Water Management Initiatives

LED in 23 - Sustainable Lighting Initiative

NCDAC has a goal to convert all exterior and interior lighting fixtures in facilities statewide by June 2024. The LED lights will improve visual acuity and save energy, while also improve security and safety for staff and offenders. 


Fix in 26 - Building and Water Management Initiative

Through the NCDAC "Fix in 26" – Building & H20 Management Initiative, NCDAC will:

  • "Upfit"15 of our largest facilities with improved water management systems by June 2027. These water management systems limit the number of toilet flushes and water usage in offender housing units to prevent abuse of water usage.
  • "Upfit" our existing BAS/BMS (Building Automation/Management) systems to the latest standards to simplify ease of use, identify issues, and ensure their proper operation. These sophisticated programmable thermostats will replace our current controls, many of which are obsolete.


    For more information, contact Paul Braese, PE, PEM, LEED AP, Sustainability, Efficiency and Resilience Program Manager,