Guaranteed Energy Performance Savings Contract

NCDAC is striving to meet the Energy Use Index reduction goals of Governor Cooper's Executive Order 80, demonstrating the state's dedication to combating climate change and transitioning towards a clean energy economy. 

offender installs equipment for AC upgrade at prison

This effort is the largest energy efficiency project in NC government history and will bring more guaranteed savings than any state corrections project in US history. It is the first public utility-owned solar power purchase agreement in NC and includes the most solar in guaranteed energy savings project in NC, as well. 

Six large prison facilities constructed in the early 2000s are included in the $38.7 million guaranteed energy savings contract, which will implement energy conservation equipment and measures that will return savings that are guaranteed to exceed program costs.

Project highlights include:

  • A 500 kW Solar Power Purchase Agreement, in partnership with Schneider Electric, Brunswick Electric Co-op and NC Electric Co-op to use solar energy to offset consumption at facilities;

    solar stations being installed
  • Converting 16 perimeter patrol vehicles to electric vehicles to electric vehicles and installing charging stations at four sites;
  • Development of a comprehensive training plan including hands-on construction training featured tailored course tracks for both staff and offenders; and
  • Implementation of a water management systems to bolster safety and security contraband detection through remote lockouts, enabling leak detection, and preventing flooding in cells.


For more information, contact Paul Braese, PE, PEM, LEED AP, Sustainability, Efficiency and Resilience Program Manager,