Preservation and Protection of Natural Areas

NCDAC is working to protect and preserve existing natural areas at or near our correctional facilities and restore them to their native state.
To date, a total of 1,040 acres have been officially dedicated as a part of the National Heritage Program, including:

  • Robeson Correction in Response to Violation - 44 acres of swampland and buffer
  • Granville Correctional Institution - 75 acres of forestland 
  • NC Correctional Institution for Women - 55 acres of wetlands and buffer
  • Carteret Correctional Center - 71 acres of wetlands, restoration and buffer
  • Roanoke River Correctional Institution - 661 acres of swampland and buffer
  • Franklin Correctional Center - 15 acres of forest preserve
  • Odom Correctional Institute - 121 acres of forestland, floodplain and buffer

Coming soon! Johnston Correctional Institution - 23 acres of floodplain and buffer.


For more information, contact Mark G. Johnson, PE, Director of Central Engineering,