Preservation and Protection of Natural Areas

NCDAC is working to protect and preserve existing natural areas at or near our correctional facilities and restore them to their native state.

A total of 1,040 acres have been officially dedicated as a part of the National Heritage Program to date at of our correctional facilities protected under the Natural Heritage Program, including:

  • Robeson Correction in Response to Violation - 44 acres of swampland and buffer
  • Granville Correctional Institution - 75 acres of forestland 
  • NC Correctional Institution for Women - 55 acres of wetlands and buffer
  • Carteret Correctional Center - 71 acres of wetlands, restoration and buffer
  • Roanoke River Correctional Institution - 661 acres of swampland and buffer
  • Franklin Correctional Center - 15 acres of forest preserve
  • Odom Correctional Institute - 121 acres of forestland, floodplain and buffer

Coming soon! Johnston Correctional Institution - 23 acres of floodplain and buffer.


For more information, contact Mark G. Johnson, PE, Director of Central Engineering,