State Reentry Council Collaborative


In response to the state’s heightened commitment to building stronger, safer communities where formerly incarcerated individuals will become citizens, the North Carolina General Assembly (G.S.143B-604) and Gov. Roy Cooper established the State Reentry Council Collaborative (SRCC), a cross representation of government, law enforcement, advocacy, faith-based and judicial entities charged with studying the needs of individuals who were released from a correctional institution and increased the effectiveness of local reentry councils.

Ten diverse SRCC workgroups began meeting in 2018 and presented final recommendations to the full SRCC and the Secretary of the Department of Public Safety at the end of that year. SRCC teams charged with implementing these recommendations have met regularly since early 2019, and the full SRCC continues to meet quarterly to discuss progress on implementation goals.

SRCC formulated a Reentry Action Plan to help remove the barriers that threaten to derail the success of people returning to their communities after serving time in prison. The Reentry Action Plan addresses recidivism and return formerly incarcerated people to become productive members of society by:

  • Removing barriers to successful community reintegration;
  • Ensuring post-imprisonment success through case planning;
  • Educating and informing formerly incarcerated individuals;
  • Developing competencies for independent living;
  • Changing behaviors;
  • Linking prison-based services with community-based services to provide a seamless continuity of services for the released individuals;
  • Enhancing employment opportunities and stability for the formerly incarcerated; and
  • Mitigating identified risk factors associated with criminal behavior. 


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